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Wardrobe Basics

Here is a list of everything you will need for performing!

Seamless Nude Fishnets These are an absolute must must must! Do NOT ever show up to an audition, or a gig without fishnets. Even if you have the freedom of creating your own outfit for a gig, wear fishnets. We are professional performers, so we must look professional. Fishnets not only look professional, but they also come with the perk of making our legs and butt look amazing! The best brand is Capezio. Their fishnets come in different colors to choose from to match your skin tone, and they also are heavy duty and will last a long time! They retail for about $20. And you can get them here. Pro Tip: Buy two pairs of the fishnets. One pair can be used as a spare, or for gigs that require footwear below the ankle. The other pair you can use for when you wear boots. Cut them at the ankle, and your feet and toes will thank you for the comfort!

Nude Thongs It is so easy for your underwear to pop out from underneath your bottoms while dancing. So you will definitely want underwear that is practically invisible! Never wear just any pair you pull out from your drawer. Stock up on a bunch of nude thongs specifically for performing! I own about 20 pairs so I never have to worry about not having a clean pair. Amazon has a great option for nude thongs! The ones I use are seamless so they will not poke through your costume, and they're super comfy! You can get a 3-pack for just $16 here. Nude and Black Bras You're going to need both of these colors. Black bras are the best for black or dark colored tops/costumes, and nude bras are best for white or light colored tops/costumes. Be sure to get ones that have removable straps. Sometimes you will need to be strapless, or use it as halter style. Bras with removable straps are much better than buying a bunch of bras for different purposes. Also, be sure to get push up so your boobies can have a nice lift! We are eye candy after all! Talented eye candy that is hehe. I won't include a link for bras as everyone has a different need when it comes to bras.

Black Heel Boots

Most often you will be required to wear black heel boots. These can be your style of choice! I prefer thigh high, slouchy, and skinny heel. They aren't the most comfortable, but they look sexy! I also like thigh high boots because you don't have to wear thigh high stockings which never stay in place for me. If you choose to go with knee high, you will definitely need thigh highs. Amazon has many great options of boots, and prices can range from $25-$100. Remember, the more you spend, the better the quality, and the longer they will last.

Fake Lashes

Fake lashes bring a dramatic look that really make your whole look POP! They are the perfect accessory for any costume, and you definitely do not want to be without them! I do not recommend eyelash extensions because you will have a difficult time removing the rest of your makeup, and they require a lot of caution to avoid messing them up. Fake lashes are reusable, and they're not too expensive. I get mine from Target, but you can also get them from Ulta, Walgreens, Amazon, and many more places. A 5-pack is usually about $12, and you can reuse each pair. I usually wear a pair for about three gigs, but be sure to clean off the old glue so they still have a clean look!

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