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So You Want to GoGo?

Updated: May 21, 2019

The most common thing I hear from women is, "I really want to gogo dance, but I have no idea where to start!" I remember when I first sparked the interest of becoming a gogo dancer, and I was asking myself the same question. I saw gogo dancers for the first time at a club in Tampa. I had no idea that what they were doing was even a thing! I instantly fell in love. The costumes, the atmosphere the create, the freedom of their dancing...I knew right away that I wanted it!

Getting started certainly was not easy for me! I was lucky enough to have a friend who had happened to have an audition flyer on him as I mentioned that I wanted to start gogo dancing. When the audition came around, I was totally unprepared! I dressed like a raver, I did not stretch, and I did not practice. We had to dance for 5 minutes and I felt like I had just ran a marathon. I though that my dance training background was enough, but my gogo dancing needed some work! Then came another audition which I had prepared better for. However, I made the mistake of not wearing a bra beneath my costume during my audition my bra came up and I flashed the judges! Definitely did not get that one either. It wasn't until about a year later that I finally got my first gig. I was so ready for it too! At the audition I dressed professional, I showed confidence, and I knew what I was doing with my dancing.

Since then, I have danced for clubs and festivals all around the country. It's been a hell of a ride, and I have learned so much! I'm here to give you the advice that I never received, so that maybe you can avoid making the same mistakes I did.


The Basics

Before you do anything, get your basics! By basics, I mean the wardrobe you will need for most of the gigs that come up! It's a small investment, but almost every booking will require you to have them. Basics include nude fishnets, nude thong, nude bra, black bra, black heeled boots, and of course fake lashes. For a detailed list, click here.

Submission Material

Every audition you attend and ever submission you send by email, you will need the right material! For auditions, you will need a headshot and a resume. Some auditions will require a body shot as well. For email submissions, you will need a resume, a headshot, a body shot, a performance shot (if you have one), and a video. You can tie all of these into an EPK, but it's probably better to take the time to create one after you have built up your resume.


Keep it clean and simple! Be sure to include your measurements, special skills, training background and the gigs you have done by including the title of the event, the location, and the date. If you are totally new to performing and have not done any performances, include everything else that was mentioned. You can view an example of my resume here.


Photos will be another investment you have to make, but it is so worth it! You will be judged first by your photos, and you want them to look professional and show your authentic self! For the headshot, use a white or grey background, wear your hair down, and have a clean makeup look. For the body shot, wear an outfit that shows your body well, but is also not too distracting. It's about you, and not your outfit.

Remember to also keep your photos updated! It's good to update photos every 6 months, or at least once a year. If you change your hair, update your photos immediately.


Although it is always better, a video does not have to be filmed by a professional. A tripod and a camera or phone that films in good quality is just enough! Once again, it is all about you. So you do not want a distracting outfit, or a distracting background. Try to film in front of a blank wall, or somewhere that is clean and does not have too much going on. Choose a song that can relate to almost any gig you may submit for. And keep the video less than 1:30 in length. Clients have many submissions to go over, and they will more than likely not watch the whole video. So show your best moves in the shortest amount of time as possible.

Practice Practice Practice!

Practice is absolutely essential for every great performer! Attend dance classes, put on your favorite mix and dance in your bedroom, and watch youtube videos of other performers you look up to! Heels dance class is perfect for bettering your gogo dancing because it trains you to dance in heels, inspires you with different dance moves, and it will teach you to have a sexy confidence with your dancing. Even if you live in an area that has no gogo scene, still practice! You never know what may come up, and it is always good to be prepared.


Auditions are totally scary, even for veteran performers like myself! I still get butterflies when I walk into an audition room. Seeing so many beautiful and talented ladies in one place can definitely make you feel uneasy. But don't let it get to you! You are beautiful and talented too, so be confident and do your best! It might take a few auditions before getting hired, but that's totally okay! Each audition is a learning process, and it's basically a free class! Usually they teach a choreo, so there's some new moves you can learn.

For your attire, keep it simple! Again, this is all about your talent, and it is not a costume contest. My go-to audition outfit is black heel boots, nude fishnets (always), black top, and black bottoms. Curl or straighten your hair, pin back your hair if it tends to get in your face while dancing, and have a clean makeup look fake lashes and red or pink lips. Add some glitter to stand out a little bit!

Do your best! Don't compare yourself to the other girls. In fact, don't even watch them if you can help it! You want to stick to your own style, and also not psyche yourself out. Feel the music, keep your moves sharp and fierce, and have a smile!

You Got This!

I hope this blog has guided you toward the beginning of your gogo journey! Stay tuned for more tips on being a gogo dancer, and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! If you have a facebook, I recommend joining the GoGo Dancer group. It is a great community filled with gogo dancers from all over! There you will find girls sharing advice, you can ask for advice, and gigs are even posted there!

Good luck babes!


Allie Sparks

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