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Updated: May 20, 2019

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog! The blog section of my website is meant for those looking for tips and advice on becoming an actress, model, and performer. So many of you have asked me for help in these areas, and I am so happy to be your guide! I hope you will find the inspiration and motivation from this blog to get yourself started! The time is now for making your dreams happen!

Now let me quickly introduce myself to the ones who skipped the rest of my website and went straight to the blog. My name is Allie Sparks, I am a 26 year old Las Vegas native who grew up training in dance and gymnastics. Shortly after high school, I branched out into modeling and acting, and also used my dance training to become a GoGo dancer for clubs and music festivals. A few years after entering the GoGo scene, I wanted to do something more with my love for the stage. So I taught myself fire dancing and contortion. So many people warned me that I should focus on one thing and one thing only...but why?! If my soul sparkles when I do something, I'm gonna do it! Is it easy doing so many different things? Definitely not. Is it worth it? Oh f*** yes! It keeps life interesting and far from boring.

Where am I now? I am still modeling and acting whenever I get the chance, but I spend most of my time performing in a magic show on the strip at Bally's called 'Xavier Mortimer's Magical Dream.' I play the magician's "dream girl," Belle. He also happens to be my real life boyfriend. We're like a lovey dove performance duo, and we make such a great team! In the show I get to play along this story line as a super bubbly and fun character while performing illusions, and I also have my own original contortion act. I perform six nights a week, so I really enjoy spending my days at home to recharge my energy.

Finishing off, let me give you a little advice. It is never too late! I don't care what excuses may come to your mind. If you want to do something, just do it! I have an infinite amount of love for this world, and I just want everyone to succeed and be happy. Feel free to write me a message in the "Contact Me" section, or DM me on instagram if you need any advice!


Allie Sparks

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