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Allie Sparks

Actress | Model | Performer


Based in Las Vegas, NV, Allie Sparks is a multi-talented gem that shines brightly amongst the crowds. Her ultimate passion is to entertain the world with her talents as an actress, model, and performer specializing in dance, contortion, and fire eating.

She has performed major music festivals worldwide such as EDC Vegas, Ultra, Tomorrow World, and many more. She has also been published in print magazines, walked fashion runways, and has appeared in feature films, TV shows, and music videos with artists including Bruno Mars and The Property Brothers.

From 2017-2023, Sparks performed as the co-star in the Las Vegas magic show, "The Dream Maker" with Xavier Mortimer at The Strat. With the show, she also worked as a creative director.


Recently, Allie Sparks has taken on the role of a content creator in the Facebook world filming scripted dramas, pranks, challenges, and more! She currently has the MOST viewed video on Facebook holding a record of 763 million views, and has gained over 5 BILLION views across all of her videos. 





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